Best Water Hammer Info: When we're NOT "all about the Bass"

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Best Water Hammer Info: When we're NOT "all about the Bass"

Understanding Water Hammer and How it Effects Your Home Plumbing

Mysterious sounds are often heard throughout the Tampa Bay area. And while the mystery is intriguing, there is often an explanation. Of course, some explanations are more extraordinary than others. Like the bass sound that fills the Tampa Bay night air turning out to be black drum fish… maybe? But, hammering bass sound that hits closer to home (specifically in your home), could caused by your plumbing water hammering.  And, this could have a significant impact on the health of your home plumbing system. So, in this blog, Billy the Sunshine Plumber explain what water hammer is and the potential effects it can have on your home plumbing.

What is Water Hammer?

Water hammer is also known as hydraulic shock or pressure surge. And it is the term used to describe the loud banging or thudding noise in your pipes when water flow is suddenly interrupted or diverted. This issue occurs when a sudden change in water flow within your pipes creates a shockwave, resulting in a loud, banging noise. Yet, while it may seem like a mere annoyance, water hammer can lead to serious consequences if left unaddressed. And, the severity of the noise can vary, but it often resembles a loud hammering, hence the name.

Causes of Water Hammer

  1. Rapid Valve Closure: One of the most common causes of water hammer is the sudden closure of a valve. And when a faucet or valve is closed abruptly, the water in motion generates a pressure surge that can travel back through the pipes.
  2. High Water Velocity: Excessive water velocity within the pipes can cause water hammer. And this can occur in situations where water is forced through pipes at a high speed. For example when a pump operates at full capacity.
  3. Air Chambers Issues: Air chambers, which are designed to absorb pressure fluctuations, can lose their effectiveness over time due to water absorption. And, this can result in increased water hammer occurrences.
  4. Water Supply Issues: Municipal water supply systems can also contribute to water hammer. Because, sudden changes in water pressure from the main supply can create shockwaves that affect your home plumbing.

Effects on Home Plumbing

  1. Pipe Damage: The repeated shockwaves from water hammer can lead to pipe damage over time. Because weakened joints and connections may eventually develop leaks, causing water damage to your home.
  2. Appliance Wear and Tear: Appliances connected to your plumbing system, such as dishwashers and washing machines, can experience accelerated wear and tear due to the force of water hammer. And this may result in a shorter life for these appliances.
  3. Noise Disturbance: While the loud banging noise itself may not cause physical damage, the constant disturbance can be a significant source of annoyance for homeowners. And this is especially true in multi-story buildings where water hammer noise can reverberate through the structure.

Preventing and Addressing Water Hammer

  1. Install Water Hammer Arrestors: Water hammer arrestors are devices that absorb and dissipate the shockwaves caused by sudden water flow changes. And these can be installed at strategic points in your plumbing system to mitigate the effects of water hammer.
  2. Adjust Water Pressure: Ensuring that your home’s water pressure is within the recommended range can help prevent water hammer. Because, high water pressure is a common contributor to this issue.
  3. Maintain Air Chambers: Regular maintenance of air chambers is crucial for their effectiveness in absorbing pressure fluctuations. So check and recharge these chambers to prevent water hammer.

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Strange Plumbing Noises Needn’t Be a Mystery: Call Billy the Sunshine Plumber to Investigate

Understanding the causes and effects of any unusual sounds coming from your plumbing is key for keeping a healthy and efficient home plumbing system. So, if you hear the tell-tale beating of water hammer, take proactive measures address the issue to avoid potential damage to your pipes, appliances, and the overall comfort of your home.

Billy the Sunshine Plumber will address persistent water hammer issues, and identify and implement effective solutions tailored to your specific plumbing setup.

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