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Clogging in the New Year | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

The holidays can be hard on plumbing. If you have a problem, call the Tampa Bay 24-hour plumbing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

You thought long and hard about it and, even though there are many new year’s eve events around Tampa Bay, you’ve decided to host your own gathering. You’ve been stocking the liquor cabinet with champagne and other sparkling wines and non-alcoholic beverages, making hors d’oeuvres and other goodies, and cleaning the house. You’re looking forward to the event.

One thing you might want to check to make sure it’s ready for the big night – your plumbing. As Allstate Insurance notes, “The winter holidays are certainly a festive time for many homeowners, but they can also be a particularly tough time for your plumbing and sewer lines.

“The incorrect disposal of cooking grease, overuse of garbage disposals and improper or excessive disposal of paper waste can resulted in clogged drains and are frequent culprits of pipe-clogging sewer problems during this time of year.

If you don’t catch a blockage in time, your household plumbing systems can become inoperable and, what’s worse, raw sewage can back up through toilets, tubs and sinks into your home.”

Allstate offers these tips to help avoid plumbing clogs during the holidays (and at other times of the year):

  • “Baking, frying and roasting can result in beautiful holiday dinners, but also in excess coking oils, grease and fats that need disposal. Rather than pour them down a drain, put cooled fats and oils into a garbage bag or into a sealed container before disposing in the trash. Even small amounts of grease can cause a problem. Some municipalities have collection services for large amounts of used cooking oils.”
  • “Rather than use a garbage disposal, many plumbing professionals advise disposing of table scraps directly into the garbage (stringy celery stalks and potato peels seem to be a particular challenge for disposal systems). Also, use drain baskets and strainers in the sink to catch smaller food items that are rinsed from plates and utensils.”
  • “Remind any visitors or overnight guests that they should never flush paper towels, sanitary products or wet wipes (even those labeled as “flushable”) down a toilet. Have a waste basket at the ready in every bathroom, and make sure to frequently empty it so guests have easy access.”

Of course, no matter how careful you are, clogs can happen. That’s why you should be vigilant about maintaining your drains and plumbing and, if you notice a slow drain, call in a Tampa Bay plumbing pro like those at Billy the Sunshine Plumber to take a look and clear away any clogs or debris that are building up in your system.

Billy the Sunshine Plumber can also come in handy if you do get a bigger clog or back up in your plumbing system. You don’t have to worry about the timing. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is open 24/7/365. That’s right, days, nights, weekends, holidays, Billy the Sunshine Plumber is here to help you with that.

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