Cracking the Truth About Eggshells and Your Plumbing

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Cracking the Truth About Eggshells and Your Plumbing

Are Eggshells Harmful to Your Plumbing? Let’s Crack the Truth

We’ve all been there: you’re cleaning up after making a delicious breakfast, and you’re left with a handful of eggshells. And you think, hmmm… the simplest way to dispose of them might seem to be just tossing them into the kitchen sink and letting the garbage disposal take care of the rest. But is this really a good idea? To answer this questions, the experts at Billy the Sunshine Plumber explore the potential effects of putting eggshells down the drain and whether it’s harmful to your plumbing.

The Myth of Eggshells and Garbage Disposals

There’s a common belief that eggshells can help sharpen the blades of garbage disposals. And this myth likely stems from the gritty texture of ground eggshells, which might seem like they could have an abrasive effect. However, most modern garbage disposals don’t have blades that need sharpening. Instead, they use impellers (blunt, lacerating mechanisms) to grind food into tiny particles. So, do eggshells actually help the disposal? Not really. In fact, they can contribute to plumbing issues in several ways.

How Eggshells Can Harm Your Plumbing

  1. Clogging Pipes: The primary concern with putting eggshells down the drain is the potential for clogs. Because, while the disposal might grind them up, the small, gritty particles can combine with other substances (like grease) to form clogs in your pipes. And this is especially problematic in older plumbing systems that might already have some buildup.
  2. Sediment Accumulation: Over time, the tiny bits of eggshell can settle in the pipes, contributing to sediment accumulation. And this can gradually reduce the diameter of the pipes, leading to decreased water flow and increased likelihood of blockages.
  3. Damage to Septic Systems: If your home uses a septic system, eggshells can be particularly problematic. Because, unlike biodegradable food waste, eggshells decompose very slowly. So, this means they can accumulate in the septic tank, potentially leading to more frequent pump-outs and maintenance issues.

Better Alternatives for Eggshell Disposal

Instead of risking potential plumbing problems, consider these alternative ways to dispose of eggshells:

  1. Composting: Eggshells are a great addition to compost. Because, they add valuable calcium and other minerals to the compost, which can benefit your garden soil. So, just crush them up and mix them into your compost pile.
  2. Gardening: Crushed eggshells can be directly added to your garden soil as a natural fertilizer. And they help improve soil structure and provide essential nutrients for your plants.
  3. Household Uses: Believe it or not, eggshells have several uses around the house. For example, they can be used for cleaning pots and pans, starting seeds, or even as a natural pest deterrent in the garden.

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Protect Your Pipes, Choose Wisely

Next time you crack an egg, think twice before tossing those shells down the drain! Because, while putting eggshells down the drain might seem like a convenient solution, it’s not worth the risk to your plumbing. Instead, take advantage of the many environmentally friendly ways to reuse and recycle eggshells. And, should you every have any plumbing issues due to eggshells or other problematic items put down the drain, Billy the Sunshine Plumber is here to help.

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