Don't Do This with Your Cooking Oil | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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Don't Do This with Your Cooking Oil | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Used cooking oil and grease can gum up your plumbing. If that happens, call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

You spent part of the day yesterday wandering around Crystal River Archaeological State Park before heading to the grocery store to stock up on supplies for the coming week or so. You’ve been trying to concentrate on eating more vegetables recently but, for some reason, you decided to get a bunch of chicken, then take it home to fry.

Now your taste buds and stomach are happy but you’re staring at a pan full of cooking grease. Getting rid of that used grease is the worst thing about fried chicken.

Whatever you do, be careful how you dispose of the grease. Whatever you do, don’t be like a lot of people and dump it in the sink.

“A lot of us actually toss the oil from the cooking pan directly to the kitchen sink to get rid of cooking oil. Some even put the hot pan under running water as it spills the oil and grease down the sink. If you’re still doing it, we suggest that you avoid repeating these mistakes as they will clog your home pipes. It can affect your neighborhood sewer system and can cost you or your community a lot of damage,” according to adds, “Science tells us that oil and water can’t be mixed together. Pouring cooking oil down to your toilet will not only clog your toilet but will also ruin the walls of your drainage and the whole piping system of your household. … Hot oil will attract insects and animals such as houseflies and rats, especially in a garbage disposal. It will also ruin your fertilizer and damage your compost, so make sure not to dispose of hot oil on your trash cans or compost pile.”

Instead, wait for the oil to cool down and then pour it in a disposable container with a lid. Make sure the lid is on tightly and toss the whole mess in the trash. If you’d prefer, you can drain the oil through something like a coffee filter and reuse (recycle) the oil.

If you do get a grease clog, you can try to clear it by pouring hot water or a plunger to get things moving again. If all else fails, then it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

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