Plumbing Smells Like Sewer | Plumbing Smells Bad

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Plumbing Smells Like Sewer | Plumbing Smells Bad

Plumbing that smells like a sewer is the result of several possible causes; some are easily fixed. Others are more complex.

You were dressing to go to the CJGA World Championship this morning when you first noticed a funny sewer-like smell in your bathroom. So, you decided to ignore it because – well, because it seemed natural for a bathroom to occasionally smell like a sewer. But, you changed your mind when you got home and found the smell was still strong. And, you became even more concerned when you could not track the smell to one fixture or drain.

Causes Related to the P-Trap

The bad news, according to, is that there are multiple causes for the smell. And, the P-trap is the first place to look for the source of a sewage smell. Because, the most likely cause is connected to the P-Trap, the U-shaped pipe underneath the bathroom sink. And, it connects the ceiling and roof to the septic system. The idea is to let any smelly gases escape to the outside. But, the U-shape allows a small amount of water to remain in the P-trap. And, this stops sewage gases from escaping into the house and guides them up and to the outside.

The fix is generally quick and easy.

The most common problem arises when the water in a P-Trap evaporates or loses volume. And, this allows the smell into the house. The remedy is to add water to the P-Trap. And, if that doesn’t work, you can try adding pink RV water-safe antifreeze to the P-Trap. But, if that still does not work, the P-Trap may have a leak. Or the pipe may be clogged. Because some clogs develop smells.

Time to Search for Other Causes

What else could cause a foul smell? Well, one possibility is a lose or broken toilet seal. Another possible cause is a blocked or damaged vent. You can make your search easier by contacting Billy Sunshine.

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