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Running Water | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

If you’re wondering whether you should run the water while operating your garbage disposal, read this.

You were thinking about what needs to be done to complete your kids’ Halloween costumes in time for one of the Trunk or Treat events this weekend. But you got distracted while cleaning the kitchen. Specifically, while you were standing over the garbage disposal with the water running, you started wondering if it’s necessary to run water while operating the disposal.

Strictly speaking, no it’s not generally necessary. But, running water while operating the disposal can be beneficial.

“Running water helps flush food particles through the garbage disposal, into the trap and down your waste pipes without gumming up the moving parts,” says. “It’s like swallowing an aspirin with a mouthful of water. It’s not technically necessary, but it sure makes things go down easier!” says some websites advise against running water when you’re disposing of pasta in the garbage disposal. The idea is that the pasta will absorb the water, puff up and gum up the works by creating a clog. But that’s not usually a problem. explains, “It’s true that water makes pasta expand. But that’s why you run the disposal with cold water. Cold water is slower to absorb, and waste items should flush down the pipes before this becomes an issue.”

Generally speaking, says, it’s best to use cold water down the disposal, except if you’re disposing of liquid fat or something greasy. First, you should not be putting grease or oil down the disposal, but if you happen to do so, or if something is greasy, then use hot water with a dash of dish soap to help the disposal.

“The heat and soap break up the grease, and will at least spread the congealed solid into a thinner layer in your pipes,” according to

Of course, life happens and sometimes your garbage disposal gets clogged. If yours does clog and you can’t clear it yourself, call the trusted drain cleaning pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber. 

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