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A Big Fat Clog | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Excrement and toilet paper are the only items that should be flushed in your toilet. And you should never dump grease or oil in any of your drains. If you do and you get a “fatberg,” Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help.

Once again a sewer clog has made international news. That seems to be outsized attention to something that’s not out of the ordinary. But this is no ordinary clog – although it’s a type that’s becoming more common – it’s a so-called fatberg. A fatberg is formed over time as items that don’t dissolve gather into a massive clog – in this case a 330-ton “fatberg” that stretches more than a half-mile long and will take weeks to move.

The cause of a fatberg is a combination of unflushable products like wipes, diapers and sanitary products being disposed of in toilets rather than put in the trash. The clog that forms is then compounded by people who dispose of grease and oils by dumping them in the drain.

You may be wondering why you, as a homeowner, needs to worry about a clog in the public portion of the sewer system. But you should worry because, at times, those items don’t move into the public system. Instead, they stay in your portion of the system and leave you with your own fatberg that you have to clean up. (You also don’t want to contribute to the larger fatberg problem that will inconvenience you, your neighbors and cause your local government to spend lots of time clearing up a major fatberg.)

If you’d rather be doing things like visiting the Giraffe Ranch than dealing with clogged plumbing, then don’t flush anything other than pee, poo or toilet paper, and never dump grease or oils in your plumbing.

If you do get a clog or fatberg and need help to clear it, then call the trusted Tampa Bay plumbing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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