A Clog Caused My Toilet to Gurgle | Billy Sunshine

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A Clog Caused My Toilet to Gurgle | Billy Sunshine

Help! My toilet is gurgling!

You returned from an afternoon of tobogganing at St. Pete’s Snowfest event to a backed up toilet that was gurgling at you. You’re not sure why your toilet backed up. However, you have noticed that your bathroom fixtures all seem to be running slow these days. Sounds like you have a plumbing problem that’s centered in your sewer. And, those symptoms could indicate you have a blockage or clog in your sewer line caused by tree roots growing in the system.

How do roots get into the sewer system?

Lifehacker.com explains that tree roots search everywhere for water and nutrients. And, if they find a source – even a tiny crack in a sewer pipe – they will creep in and grow until they block the pipe flow. Simply chopping down the tree may not solve the problem. The roots can remain in the pipe for years after the tree is gone. And, there are many indications that you have roots in your toilet. Among them, according to lifehacker.com:

  • slow-moving drains in bathroom fixtures
  • gurgling sounds in toilets
  • backed-up toilets
  • low water pressure
  • sinkholes or waterlogged areas on your lawn

What’s the best solution to roots in sewer system?

Angi.com says you can prevent root formation in your pipes by using root killer twice a year. Or, you could replace your old pipes. But, before you panic about replacing your whole sewer line,  Angi.com says you may be able to repair pipes with small cracks without the entire line being replaced. (But, pipes that are older, near their lifespan, or severely damaged should be replaced.)

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