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After You Fry, Solidify | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

If your drains are clogged or blocked, Billy the Sunshine Plumber will clear them up.

You went for your morning stroll this morning at Sand Key Park. When you returned you made yourself a BLT. Now you’re stuck with a frying pan full of grease. You know better than to pour it down the sink or in the toilet, but what do you do? has a new idea – solidify that grease or oil then toss it:

“Pouring oil down the drain might seem like a simple solution, after all, it’s been whisked off to become someone else’s problem, right? Wrong. Frequent disposal of liquid oil down the drain can give rise to enormous fatbergs in our sewers, and when sewers go wrong we’re all in for a bad time.

“The same goes for pouring oil down your toilet, so don’t get any ideas. In the past, people have instead tried storing hardened oil in bottles and jars which they then put in landfill, but this too is problematic because without access to the outside world that oil can linger on for a long time.

What you ideally want is the oil out in the open so that microbes can get to work in breaking it down, but since bin juice is already disgusting enough without tossing lashings of oil into the mix, what’s a deep fat fryer aficionado to do?

National Geographic recently revealed how ‘oil solidifiers’ can turn your waste into convenient fat pancakes that can simply be thrown away in the trash with the rest of your refuse. They work by emulsifying your oil excess which then hardens as it cools until you’re left with a greasy disc that’s safe to toss in the bin, and will be ready and waiting for those microbes by the time they make it to landfill.”

If you try it and it doesn’t work, or if you decide to take your chances with oils and fats in your pipes and you get a clog, it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

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