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Avoid Toilet Troubles |  Billy the Sunshine Plumber

A bit of maintenance can keep your toilet flowing freely. If you do have troubles with your toilet, Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help.

You’re planning to take the kids to Heritage Village today but first you need to get rid of the clog in your toilet. It seems as if every time you turn around, the toilet is clogged up. You wish there was something you could do to prevent it.

There is. As theplumber.com notes, “It’s safe to say there are a lot of people who are afraid to mess with household plumbing – and we understand that. Plumbing can be scary if you don’t know what you’re doing, and nobody wants to be responsible for their house flooding, the toilet spewing sewage all over the bathroom, or pretty much anything else that involves large quantities of water or human waste being anywhere that it doesn’t belong. However, knowledge is power, and as a general rule, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The very best thing you can do for your home’s plumbing is also the easiest: maintain it.

“Toilets are often the most used fixture in a home. And your toilet definitely has the potential to be one of the messiest, most expensive, biggest hassles you’ll ever encounter if it isn’t properly used and maintained. You don’t need to start digging a latrine in the backyard just yet, though – thankfully, most problems can be avoided by following a few simple tips.”

Among the tips offered by theplumber.com:

  • Clean your toilet regularly with a mild cleaner. Vinegar, baking soda, or a mild soap are all great for regular porcelain cleaning. Not only does cleaning your toilet help you keep a more hygienic, better smelling bathroom, it also gives you the opportunity to spot a leak or a problem with your bathroom’s plumbing fairly quickly. If you never really clean up around the toilet area, how will you know if that water on the floor is from your shower, your toilet, or the sleepwalking male members of your household?
  • Don’t use chemical drain cleaners to unclog your toilet. …
  • Inspect your toilet’s inner workings about every six months to make sure the components are still in good shape and functioning properly. Take the tank lid off and flush the toilet. Watch the components work, making sure the flapper is sealing well and the fill valve stops running at an appropriate water level.
  • Fix a running or leaking toilet right away.
  • Don’t flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Please. Just don’t. We cannot say this enough. …
  • Buy a flange plunger and learn how to use it properly. A lot of toilet clogs are simple to remove with a bucket full of hot water and a good plunger. If you can’t remove the clog with a plunger, an auger or snake is a good backup. However…
  • Don’t be afraid to call a plumber when you need to. Some jobs are just too big or too complicated for even experienced DIY’ers to handle on their own. If your toilet is continually clogging or you get brown water backing up into your shower or sink when you flush, those are symptoms of a more serious problem that you’ll need professional help with.”

If you don’t have a 24-hour plumber you can trust, then get to know the plumbing specialists at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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