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Bath Bombs vs. Your Plumbing | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Billy the Sunshine Plumber will help you if your plumbing becomes clogged or damaged.

There’s nothing that feels much better after a run along the Fort Island Trail than sliding into a warm tub filled with the scent and bubbles from a bath bomb. The feeling almost defines luxury.

While bath bombs are great for relaxing your body and mind, they might not be so great for your plumbing.

“Although these popular bundles of stress reduction are especially welcome these days, they can pose problems for your plumbing. But not all bath bombs are bad; it depends on what’s in them and how you use them,” according to the

The Post explains:

“Basically, two ingredients make bath bombs fizz: baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and citric acid. When an object combining them is dropped into warm bath water, you witness an acid-base reaction between the two, and CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas is released, causing the fizz and foam. Think of it as a less-volatile version of that third-grade volcano science project, where you mixed baking soda and vinegar. …

“Besides an acid and a base, most bath bombs also contain Epsom salts — known for soothing muscle aches — and oils, such as coconut, soybean or olive, to form a cohesive mass, much like adding an egg allows meatballs to hold their shape. Then, there are essential oils for imparting a scent to your bath. There could also be extras, such as colorants, pieces of dried flowers, confetti and, especially in products targeting younger consumers, oh-so-messy glitter.”

Those contents cause some plumbing pros to classify bath bombs as “FOG: fats, oils and grease, which, in plumber parlance, are things you try to avoid introducing into your plumbing system.”:

FOG is well known for congealing and clogging pipes – generally in the kitchen when cooks pour grease down the sink rather than in the garbage. In the case of bath bombs, not only do the oils risk clogging up your pipes, but the Epsom salts, glitter, flower petals and other add-ins can get caught in your pipes and cause a clog. The problem is even worse if you have a jetted tub.

Does this mean you should avoid those luxurious soaks? Not at all. Just be smart when you do use them.

The Post recommends using a “screening material, such as a mesh jewelry bag or pantyhose secured with a rubber band, to hold the bath bomb. It will still activate when dropped into the water, but the mesh will catch larger particles and foreign materials. For tubs with a removable stopper, consider using a strainer; it will catch chunks of salt and other drain-clogging debris, which can be tossed in the trash. [And] take extra care post-bath when wiping down your tub, especially if your bath bomb contains glitter.”

What do you do if, despite taking care, you end up with a clog or damaged pipes?

Call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help, of course.

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