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Beware of Pumpkins | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Pumpkins do not get along with your garbage disposal and plumbing.When you’re carving that pumpkin, be sure to put the debris in the trash.

It’s the time of the year that has pumpkin spice lovers excited. It seems every restaurant and coffee shop have some variety of pumpkin something or pumpkin spiced something on sale. And it’s not just restaurants. Pumpkin patches arr opening up and pumpkin sales lots are springing up on street corners. Artistically bent Halloween lovers are buying pumpkins to clean them out and carve scary (o funny) jack o’ lanterns for the first of the winter holidays. Cooks are buying them to bake pies, breads and other things from scratch.

But homeowners need to be aware – pumpkins can create a horror show of their own when it comes to your garbage disposal and your plumbing. Your disposal simply can’t handle the thick pumpkin rind or stalk. Nor can it handle the gooey mess and pumpkin seeds from the inside of the fruit. And, if you’re thinking of dumping the mess down the toilet, think again. Toilets don’t like pumpkin debris either. explains: “If you take your pumpkin seeds along with the pulp and toss it down your garbage disposal you are in for one nightmare of plumbing bill. Every year plumbers get calls from many distressed homeowners who made the easy mistake of putting their pumpkin remains down the garbage disposal during the spooky season. Pumpkin pulp wreaks havoc on your plumbing because of it’s stringy and sticky nature that causes it to cling and when the pumpkin goo hardens,

“A garbage disposal works by taking the waste that you place in it and spinning it against a grinding ring that is located on the sides of your disposal wall. So when you place something that is stringy in nature like pumpkin pulp or spaghetti, these foods can actually wrap themselves around the garbage disposals spinning blades and cause them to clog and jam. Maybe your next thought is to flush your pumpkin guts down your toilet. Avoid putting your pumpkin waste down the toilet as well. The same results with your pipes can happen as your garbage disposal.

Pumpkin seeds are no friends to your garbage disposal either. Pumpkin seeds are hard in nature and your garbage disposal may have a difficult time in completely pulverizing the seeds. That parts that do not get pulverized by your garbage disposal blades can find themselves stuck and lodged as they travel further down the drain. Pumpkin seeds, just like the pulp, are sticky and can stick and harden to your pipes.”

Of course, sometimes mistakes happen and you toss something down the drain, garbage disposal, or toilet that should not go there. If that happens and a clog forms that you can’t get rid of by yourself, it’s time to call the trusted 24-hour Tampa Bay plumbers at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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