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Cotton | Drain Cleaning

If you have slow drains and clogged pipes, Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help clear those clogs.

You spent the morning at the trout tournament and you ran home for a quick shower to get rid of the fishy smell before heading off to the Nights of Lights in Inverness. But things didn’t turn out the way you planned.

When you got home, you found your tub still had not drained from your morning shower. The drains all over the house have been slow, but this is ridiculous. You tried using the plunger and dumping drain cleaner in the drain, but the water didn’t budge. 

Sounds as if you have a clogged pipe deeper in the system. That can happen if you try to flush or dispose of inappropriate items. Items like feminine hygiene products, or cotton balls and swabs. 

As says, “The absorbent nature of these products makes them quickly become too thick for the plumbing. Second, cotton snags easily. Any cracks or root infiltration in the pipes can cause the cotton to get caught and clogged in the line. After just a few flushes, buildup can occur and you can have a clog on your hands.”

And while cotton balls or swabs might seem small, points out that they don’t just get soggy, breakdown, or wash away. Instead, they add to the buildup.

It’s time to call drain cleaning pros to unblock your pipes. You can find experience, trustworthy drain cleaning pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber. Billy Sunshine has been in business since 1924. That’s almost 100 years of solving Tampa Bay plumbing problems. Billy Sunshine is here for you 24/7/365 (yes, he’s open on holidays). Whatever the plumbing need, Billy Sunshine can help.

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