Crunchy Shells Bad for Gabage Disposals | Tampa Bay Plumber

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Crunchy Shells Bad for Gabage Disposals | Tampa Bay Plumber

Billy the Sunshine Plumber will help if shells injure your garbage disposal.

With summer coming to an end, so is the bay scallop season, which is a perfect reason to plan a seafood fest fo Labor Day.

But don’t let the joys of fresh scallops make you forget to keep the shells out of your garbage disposal.It’snot just scallop shells.

“Clam or oyster shells are too hard for the garbage disposal to effectively break up, even to the point of damaging the unit. Most manufacturers single out these types of shells as being no-nos for garbage disposals,”according to adds, “Garbage disposals are great time-savers and they minimize kitchen odors. With their push-button convenience, garbage disposals may seem like magic devices that make everything disappear, but disposals are not designed to handle every type of waste. Use your disposal as a supplement to composting organic matter—a far better choice—and be sure to avoid the … things you should never put in your garbage disposal.”

If you do happen to put a shell other object down the disposal, Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help.

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