Do I Have a Clog in My Sewer Line? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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Do I Have a Clog in My Sewer Line? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

You know you have a plumbing blockage. You’re not sure where. Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help!

No one has to tell you that you have a plumbing problem. The sinks and tub in your bathroom and your kitchen sink are all slow to drain. The toilet fills when you run water in the sink. Nothing has overflowed – yet – but you’re fearful when you go out to prepare for next week’s Caladesi Island 5K and 10 Miler that your home will be flooded when you get back.

Sounds as if you might have a blockage in the sewer line between your home and the street. What you’re describing are both symptoms of a sewer line clog.

“A sewer drain clog can be a serious problem that may qualify as a plumbing emergency and a potential health concern,” says. “Without a route to the main sewer system or septic field, wastewater may have nowhere to go but to back up into your fixtures or up through floor drains. When faced with a sewer line drain clog, you should not use any of the plumbing in the home until the stoppage is cleared out.”

It’s time to call the trusted 24-hour Tampa Bay plumbers at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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