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Don't Pour Paint Down the Drain | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Never pour paint or paint thinner down your drains. They can cause clogs.

You went on the walking tour of St. Petersburg’s murals the other day and got inspired. Instead of painting a mural on the outside of your home, though, you decided to repaint one of your rooms and use one wall as a DIY mural.

That sounds like a great idea, but a word of caution. When you’re rinsing your brushes, pans and disposing of paint, do not, repeat do NOT, use your sink, tub, or shower. The paint and paint thinner can clog up your plumbing, according to Popular Mechanics.

“Stopping clogs is a battle fought on two fronts. First, you should be careful about what goes down the drain. Second, you need to take regular action to clear small deposits that inevitably form in any drain,” Popular Mechanics says. It adds, ” Never dump chemicals such as paint or paint thinners down a drain–even a shower drain or utility sink.

Other items to avoid putting down the sink – fats, oils, grease, coffee grounds, and egg shells.

Of course, accidents do happen and sometimes we forget and dump stuff down the drain that doesn’t belong. If that happens and you get a clog you can’t clear, then it’s time to call the trusted 24-hour plumbers at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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