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Don't Put Cooking Oil Down the Drain | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Cooking oil ca cause major plumbing problems. Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help fix that.

It’s spring training time and you’re thrilled. It’s one of your favorite times of year. It’s not only fun to watch the games, it’s great to hang with friends, have a beer or two and chow down on that greasy wonderful food. It’s a taste you’ve never been able to replicate at home no matter how many times you’ve tried.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with trying to come up with a taste sensation in your kitchen. But, while you’re trying, be sure to keep your plumbing in mind or you’re going to end up with a clog, blockage or other issue. That’s especially true of cooking oil. Because it’s liquid, you’d think it would just go down the drain and disappear. Not so.

“Consider this your public service announcement. Cooking oil should never ever be poured down the drain. Pouring oil or other cooking fats, like bacon grease or beef tallow, into your kitchen sink can lead to serious damage,” according to “What do you think happens when you, innocently enough, rinse the leftover shortening from a batch of homemade fries down the drain? In many cases, that oil will harden from a liquid to a solid state as it cools. This is a clog just waiting to happen. The congealed oil will coat your pipes, especially the U-bend under the sink.

Oils that remain liquid at room temperature, like olive and canola oil, can still wreak havoc. Oil doesn’t mix with water and will end up coating your pipes.The blockage created will eventually send the water in your sewer back up into your pipes.

“If the oil does manage to clear the scene, it will make its way into the sewer system where it doesn’t belong. Here it mingles with other people’s discarded grease as well as wastewater treatment chemicals. When the fatty acids in oil encounter calcium, which is commonly found in sewer water, a waxy compound is formed. The result is a fat blob that sticks to other fat blobs, along with the sewer’s walls and ceilings. An anchored blob, otherwise known as a ‘fatberg,’ can grow over time. One fatberg excavated from a British sewer weighed 130 tons. Don’t believe us? Proof is on display at the Museum of London, where part of it has a live camera trained on it at all times.”

Your safest move is to dispose of used cooking oil and grease by putting them in a closed, disposable container and then into the trash. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, some oil may get into your plumbing system by rinsing, washing pots, pans and dishes, or by mistake. If that happens and you do have a clog, it’s time to call the trusted, experienced Tampa Bay plumbers at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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