Fat-Clogged Sewers Are Back in the News | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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Fat-Clogged Sewers Are Back in the News | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Don’t pour grease or other fatty substances down your drains. But, it you do get a fatberg of your own, Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help.

You’re planning a fun weekend at the Spirit of Woodstock music fest but, before you can head to Brooksville, you have chores to do. One of them is to clear out the clog in your kitchen sink. It’s a clog that’s been persistent and you’re beginning to wonder if you have your own fatberg.

The reason for wondering is a story about Belfast, Ireland, preparing to breakdown a giant fatberg that has reduced the city’s sewer pipe capacity in that area by 80 percent to 20 percent capacity.

The blockage is a build up of fats, oil and grease which when cooled congeal into a giant blockage which then produces a huge build up of other waste unable to flow past it,” explains sundayworld.com.The main culprits are people pouring hot cooking fat and grease down the drain, as soon as it hits cold water it solidifies and jams the pipes.

So-called fatbergs block more than major municipal piping. They can form in a home’s pipes and clog up the works.

Sundayworld.com says, “It is a timely reminder that everyone can help prevent the risk of out of sewer flooding and blockages occurring, by only flushing the three Ps – paper, poo and pee; everything else needs to be binned. …

“Be mindful of the careful disposal of fats, oils and grease (FOG). FOG can quickly harden when cooled down in the wastewater system. This hardened fat causes blockages to kitchen drainage and downstream sewers leading to internal and external sewer flooding and odor issues.”

If you haven’t been diligent about keeping fats and oil-based products out of your drains, then it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

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