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Flushable - NOT! | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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You were eating breakfast the other morning before heading out for a walk at Honeymoon Island State Park when you saw an item in your newsfeed about a sewage spill in Beulah, MI. You shrugged it off without reading and went on to the next story because, well – Michigan. That has no relevance to your life in Tampa Bay.

Or does it?

Well, yes, it does. Not the sewage spill so much, but the reason for it. Michigan officials say the 10,000-gallon spill of raw sewage was caused by a pipe that was clogged by baby wipes. That’s right. Baby wipes caused a massive spill of raw sewage. According to the story, it took about two hours to clean up and officials spread about 10 yards of lime to combat the sewage and the odor.

That’s important to homeowners in Tampa Bay because those things that clog city and county sewer lines will also clog home plumbing systems. And the last thing you want is a backup of raw sewage into your home.

The issue with baby wipes and similar products is “flushability.” Yes, the package does say they’re “flushable,” but don’t trust the advertising.

“Even though the package says flushable, it’s not flushable,” Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Spokesperson Nick Assendelft said, according to the story. “It doesn’t break down and it causes huge issues and it could cause issues in your own home. So it’s not necessarily something that’s down the line that you don’t have to worry about. I mean it could cause a backup in your [home] and no one wants to have a sewage backup in the [home].”

Instead of flushing baby wipes and similar products, you need to toss them in the trash.

Of course, sometimes you, or someone in your home, makes a mistake and flushes items that should not be flushed. If those items do cause a clog that you can’t clear, then it’s time to meet the trusted drain-clearing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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