Garbage Disposal Causing a Plumbing Clog! What Happened?

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Garbage Disposal Causing a Plumbing Clog! What Happened?

Billy the Sunshine Plumber will clear that clog if you put the wrong items down the garbage disposal.

Stone crabs are hard to resist at any time. But the Stone Crab Jam makes those meaty claws even harder to turn down. Nothing wrong with that, if you’re careful about what you do with the shells – as in, keep them out of the garbage disposal. The shells are too tough for the disposal and could damage the appliance or end up clogging your pipes.

Sure, it’s obvious that Stone crab shells be kept out of the disposal… but you might be surprise that their is another kind of shell that should avoid the garbage disposal: EGGSHELLS. Who would have thought?!!

“According to a Consumer Reports survey of 1,040 people based in the U.S., about 33% of respondents thought that throwing eggshells down the garbage disposal was an okay move. Like them, you might think that it can handle eggshells, but you don’t want to dispose of them in this manner since they can ruin the appliance — and that can cost you a lot of money,” says. “The first reason is that eggshells may not break down in a timely manner, and as such they can build up and clog the drain,,,, sending eggshells into your garbage disposal could end up clogging the pipes as well — particularly if you have an old home with a sensitive plumbing system. This is because the eggshell detritus can be ground into a sandy substance that can accumulate and get stuck — a situation that can be compounded if you throw grease down the drain as well….

“There’s one more reason to avoid tossing eggshells in the sink as opposed to the trash can… eggshells have a membrane that can actually stick to the garbage disposal’s shredder ring, which can make it so it won’t operate properly.”

If your garbage disposal does clog, it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber in Tampa Bay.

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