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Get Rid of the Grease | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Don’t put grease or cooking oil down your drains or you could cause a clog. There are other ways to get rid of it.

You like the cooler weather that’s settled on Tampa Bay for the past few days. It makes your morning walks and  jogs in the Withlacoochee State Forest so much more pleasant. At least you don’t get back home dripping with sweat.

That doesn’t mean getting home is a total pleasure. At least not when you’re having to deal with a slow drain in your kitchen sink. Since the holidays, it seems as if you can’t get the sink to flow properly.

It sounds as if you have a clog that’s forming in your drain. Considering your problems began during the holidays when you were doing a lot of cooking, it’s very possible you’ve put something down the drain that’s causing the problem. One likely culprit is cooking oil and it’s companions, fat and grease.

That sounds simple – don’t pour it in the sink. Just dunp it i the trash. Right?


“Getting rid of oil the wrong way can attract pests and cause damage to your home,” according to explains:

  • Don’t pour it down a home drain. It will build up if you pour it down a drain. And if a clog is already forming, the grease will make it worse and potentially damage your pipes.
  • Don’t pour it out in the yard. No matter what type of oil and what was cooked in it, used oil poured out in the yard will attract animals and pests.
  • Don’t pour it down a storm drain. Storm drains, like home drains, are not meant for oil disposal. Like pouring out in the yard, you’re attract pests like rats

Instead, suggests you put it in a close-able container that you can toss, reuse it, or take it to a recycling center.

“When disposing of cooking oil, don’t pour it down drains or anywhere else where it can attract pests or get into water and sewage systems. This includes compost piles, which are already prone to attracting critters,” says. “Instead, put used cooking oil in a tightly concealed container. Throw it out with the trash or take it, if it’s accepted, to your local recycling center. Moreover, to get the most out of cooking oil, clean and store it for reuse a couple times before discarding.”

If it does get into your drainage system and forms a clog you can’t get rid of, call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

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