If You Smoke 'Em, Don't Flush 'Em | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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If You Smoke 'Em, Don't Flush 'Em | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

If your toilet gets clogged and you can’t fix it yourself, it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

It’s been raining so much recently that you were thrilled to have a sunny day to get outdoors for a walk in the park and a visit to the Brooksville Farmers Market. Your managed to relax and shed some of the stress that’s been building up and you were almost able to forget about your toilet.

It’s been kind of clogging recently. By “kind of,” you mean that, when you flush, it fills up but then slowly drains. And you have to flush several times to get rid of the solids. You’ve tried a plunger and over-the-counter drain cleaner but nothing seems to work.

You do have a clog – probably deep in your system, which is why the plunger doesn’t work. And you should not put harsh chemicals into your system either.

Your clog could be caused for several reasons. You might have roots that have managed to grow into your sewer system or, less seriously, you’ve been flushing things you shouldn’t and they’ve built up a partial blockage.

What things? Well, “flushable” wipes that aren’t really flushable, for one. Or perhaps something else that doesn’t seem hazardous to your plumbing. Like cigarette butts.

Cigarette butts belong in the trash, not the toilet. They can clog the toilet and wreak havoc with a septic tank — especially filtered or plastic-tipped smokes,” says today.com.

Your best bet right now is to call a plumber with drain-clearing experience like the drain-cleaning experts at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

Billy Sunshine has been the go-to plumber of choice in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties since 1924. In almost 100 years, Billy the Sunshine Plumber has unstuck a lot of clogs and cleared a lot of drains. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is available 24/7/365 – rain, shine, day, night, or holidays. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is always here for you.

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