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Maintain Your Water Heater | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Once-a-year maintenance will make your water heater last. Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help you with that.

You and a friend decided the best way to avoid the heat was to kayak along Pinellas’ blueway early in the morning. It’s not only fun and good exercise, it was a chance to catch up with your friend and her home’s woes. Her water heater had sprung a leak overnight and she had to get it replaced.

It made you start wondering about the condition of your water heater and how long it will last – you have no idea how old it is – and you’re curious about preventive maintenance and ways to prolong the life of your water heater.

As a matter of fact, there is a way to prolong your water heater’s life.

Yearly inspections and flushes promote a safe, energy-efficient water heater,” according to

Among the annual chores for maintaining a tank water heater: test the pressure relief valve, drain the water heater to remove sediment, inspect the anode rod and insulate the heater and pipes.

You can do some of these checks yourself. But if you’re not comfortable doing so, you should call a professional plumber for help. Other times you should have a plumbing pro do the work, according to “It’s best to call on a professional plumber for your official annual inspection. Water heaters combine electricity, water, and sometimes gas. They can be hazardous appliances without the right tools and expertise. …

“If you can’t remember the last time your water heater was serviced, then it’s almost certainly best to contact a professional plumber.

“A professional plumber can ensure all the proper maintenance is done correctly. Plus, their expertise will help them spot any other potential issues you might miss.

“While your plumber is there, we recommend asking which maintenance steps they recommend you perform on your own and how often.”

If you don’t know a plumbing professional you can trust, then it’s time to call the helpful plumbing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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