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My Sink Is Clogged | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

There are several ways to unclog a sink and speed up a slow drain. If none work, it’s time to call in Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

You went over to Crest Lake Park yesterday for the Memorial Day ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Plaza. When you got back home, you had friends, neighbors and family over for a barbecue cookout.

When you were clearing up after they left, you noticed that the water in your kitchen sink was draining slowly. By the time you’d finished, you had standing water in the sink. You figured it would go away overnight, but it didn’t. Now you need to clear the clog.

The first thing you ought to try is that iconic plumbing tool, the plunger. Yes, it’s often thought of when toilets are clogged, but it’s equally efficient at clearing clogs elsewhere, from the tub to the sink. We recommend that you use separate plungers for the toilet and for sinks and tubs and such. Be sure to get a cup style (that’s the standard plunger with a red or black cup at the end of the stick) for your sinks. offers this advice when clearing clogs from sinks:

  1. Use a rag to plug up the overflow opening of the sink. For double-basin kitchen sinks, block the drain opposite of the one you’ll plunge and remove the strainer from the clogged side.
  2. Place the plunger cup over the clogged drain, making sure the opening is completely covered.
  3. While holding the plunger firmly in place, fill the sink with water just enough to cover the cup. You should have a tight seal.
  4. Use quick, sharp up-and-down motions to work out the clog. Make your thrusts as even as possible and keep the seal intact.
  5. Check your progress after about six plunges. If you break the seal between the cup and sink surface and the water drains, you’ve done your job. If the water level remains stagnant, re-establish the seal and keep trying. Often, you’ll feel the clog free itself because the plunger will get much easier to pump.
  6. Once the clog is clear, run about half a sink of hot water to make sure all the leftover debris is washed away.

If that doesn’t work, it could mean you have a stubborn clog or a clog farther down in the system. It’s time to call for help. When you need clog-clearing help in the Tampa Bay area, you need Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

Billy Sunshine has been the plumber of choice in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties since 1924. That’s a lot of slow drains and clogs that Billy Sunshine has fixed during that time. Billy is here for you 24/7/365. When you need a plumbing pro, call Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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