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My Water Heater Is Leaking | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

You may be able to repair, rather than replace, a leaky water heater.

You were getting ready to go for a Christmas carriage ride last night when you noticed water had pooled around your water heater. Apparently, the water heater is leaking. You’re figuring that you’re going to have to buy a new water heater, which is not something you can really afford right now.

Don’t be so quick to think that. explains: “At the first sign of leaking, many people leap to the conclusion that the water heater must be replaced, but that’s not always (or even usually) necessary. Many potential fixes are actually rather simple and inexpensive, and sometimes replacing a broken part can extend the life of the water heater for several years. … Fixing leaks from a water heater boils down to where the leak is located.”

The first place you should check is above the water heater. If one of the pipes above the heater has sprung a leak, it could be dripping onto the water heater, making it look as if the problem is the water heater and not the pipe. also suggests you should check the water heater’s connections to the supply line, the temperature and pressure release valve,the drain line and the tank for possible leaks.

If you can’t find the problem or you find it and need help repairing it, then it’s time to call in the trusted plumbing pros from Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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