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No Coffee Grounds | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Coffee grounds are bad for your plumbing but they’re great for other uses. If coffee grounds clog your sink or garbage disposal, call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

You were cleaning the blueberries you bought this morning at the Hernando Fresh Market when you realized you had a clog. Rather than draining quickly, the blueberry rinse water was backing up in your sink. You managed to clear the clog yourself but noticed coffee grounds in the backed up water.

Coffee grounds should never be dumped in garbage disposals or sinks. says, “Plumbers agree, nothing will clog a drain faster than the combination of coffee grounds and cooking grease. Even if you flush them down the drain at different times, cooled grease catches on the inside of pipes, lying in wait to make a glue-y mess.” notes that coffee grounds, while bad for plumbing, have several other uses, including deodorizing your refrigerator, scouring pans and tools, cleaning smelly hands, covering scratches in wood, and exfoliating your skin. They’re also good in compost heaps.

If, as often happens, you do dump coffee grounds down the sink or into your garbage disposal and get a clog that you can’t remove by yourself, then it’s time to call the plumbing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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