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No Coffee Grounds | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Coffee grounds are one of the many items you should never dump in your sink. They need to be re-used or go in the garbage.

You are thrilled that today’s weather is expected to be sunny. The past week or so of rains has given you and the kids cabin fever. You’re planning a bike trip along the Withlacoochee State Trail to let the kids work off some of their energy and to give you all a bit of fresh air. It will also give you a chance to forget about the clog in your kitchen sink. You noticed it this morning after you poured that last bit of coffee in the sink. You’re figuring you can deal with the clog when you return.

Your clog could be caused by coffee grounds if you’re pouring more than liquid coffee in your sink. notes that “nothing causes more blockages than coffee grounds and grease.”

The better place for them, says, is in the garbage unless you use them for other things, such as softening skin as one ingredient in a homemade body wash, fertilizer for acid-loving plants, or mix with orange peels to help keep cats out of your garden.

If, however, you’ve been putting them down the drain and have a clog from coffee grounds or any other item and can’t clear it yourself, then it’s time to call a trusted plumber for help. 

You can find a reliable plumber at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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