Should I Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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Should I Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

The chemicals in liquid drain cleaners can damage your pipes. If you have a persistent clog, or a damaged pipe, Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help you.

You spent part of this cloudy day at the Raptor Fest at Boyd Hill. But while you were fascinated by the birds, part of your mind was on your home. When you showered this morning, you ended up standing ankle deep in water but you didn’t have any drain cleaner to help dissolve the plug. You need to stop for a bottle on the way home in case the water is still standing in the tub when you return.

Stop! Don’t buy that liquid drain cleaner. Buy a plunger instead. As warns, “Think twice before grabbing a bottle of drain cleaner, however. While safe for occasional use on slow drains, drain cleaner chemicals can damage your pipes and lead to expensive repair bills.”

If nothing else works, or if the clog keeps coming back, adds, “If you do ultimately need a professional, don’t let a plumbing bill stop you from getting one. The amount you’ll pay a plumber to clear a clog is substantially less than what you’ll pay him to replace damaged pipes.”

If you’re looking for a trusted Tampa Bay plumber to clear a slow drain, look no further than the reliable plumbers at Billy the Sunshine Plumber. Billy the Sunshine Plumber has been the Tampa Bay plumber of choice since 1924 when he first opened for business. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is open 24/7/365 in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties. Days, nights, weekends, or holidays, Billy the Sunshine Plumber is always here for you.

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