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Take the Plunge | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Can’t dislodge that clog? Maybe you’re using the wrong type of plunger.

You swung by the grocery store this morning on your way home from biking around Fort Cooper State Park. You found everything you needed until you were standing in front of the household counter. Some of your drains have been slow recently so you decided to buy a plunger. What you didn’t expect was to see more than one type of plunger and now you’re wondering if the type of plunger you use truly makes a difference.

The short answer is – yes. The type of plunger you use can make a difference. Not only in efficiency but in cleanliness.

Apartmenttherapy.com explains that “not all plungers are created equal. As it turns out, there are multiple variations of this household essential, each designed for declogging different drains and plumbing scenarios. Simply grabbing any plunger from the cleaning aisle when you have a drainage issue isn’t the way to go.”

The “cup” plunger – that’s the traditional one that is usually kind of an orange-red – is designed for sinks. The other – usually black with a cuplike top and a narrower base – is designed for toilets.

“Technically, you can use a toilet plunger as a sink plunger by flipping the flange into the cup. (A sink plunger, however, is going to make it challenging to unclog a toilet.) But it’s best to have both a flange plunger and a cup plunger at home,” apartmenttherapy.com explains. “Besides the fact that each plunger is designed to tackle a different purpose, it really comes down to hygiene. … Why would you want to transfer toilet germs into the sink, where you clean your dishes, or your hands and more? It’s better to keep them separate and actually be able to remove the blockage instead of just troubling the water.”

The flange plunger is designed so that smaller part of the cup will fit over the hole in the toilet to help form a seal that will enable you to apply more force to the blockage. The cup plunger is designed to fit onto a flatter surface and, when used correctly, will create an airtight seal in your sink or tub.

If you’re using the correct plunger and you’ve tried other methods but still can’t move the clog, it’s likely time to call in the professionals from Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

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