The Best Way to Immediately Fix a Toilet Clog

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The Best Way to Immediately Fix a Toilet Clog

The Dreaded Toilet Clog

One on many people’s social nightmares is the thought of using the toilet at a friend’s home and creating a clog. Homeowners also have nightmares that their toilets will back up on friends.

But sometimes things happen. If you get a toilet clog, has this suggestion for getting id of it:

The Best Way to Immediately Fix a Toilet Clog

  • Attempting to force a clog through a toilet with a plunger can often make the problem worse. So, instead, create a seal and slowly push down on the plunger before pulling it back sharply. Because, the suction can help pull the clog back up toward the bowl, breaking the blockage and allowing gravity to take over.
  • For stubborn clogs, a plunger might not do the trick. So, instead, a tool called a closet auger fits down inside the toilet bowl and allows the user to feed a cable through the toilet without scratching the coating. And these augers can bust up clogs or hook the clog and pull it back through the bowl.
  • If neither of these approaches work, it may be time to Google emergency plumber near me. Because a licensed plumber have the experience and tools to fix a problem when DIY homeowners need a little help.

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