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The Rainy Season | Pinellas Plumber

When you need a Pinellas plumber, you need the Pinellas plumber services provided by Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

It’s the rainy season here in Florida so it’s not surprising that the weather forecasters at Bay News 9 and the other local television stations are predicting rain today. Rain in the form of scattered thundershowers. No surprise, but they’re predicting that for the next few days.

And although rain is a necessity, it can get old. And, it brings its own set of issues from slick roads to flooding to plumbing. Yes, that’s right. Plumbing. As says, “A big downpour can cause both minor and serious plumbing troubles.”

So, when we get a heavy rain here in the Tampa Bay area, you need to watch for certain Tampa Bay plumbing problems like broken pipes. You’re more likely to have broken pipes if your pipes are older or made of galvanized steel or a similar material.

“How will you know if your pipes are broken?” asks. “You may notice discolored water and debris in your water, which may be due to broken pipes underground.”

Another possible Tampa Bay plumbing problem caused by heavy rain is a blockage. explains: “A lot of rain water brings debris with it. Twigs, leaves, trash and dirt can all get into the sewer system to the point that it clogs drains. One recommended precaution you can take is to keep your roof clean and free of debris to avoid additional clogging that could have been avoided.

“You’ll notice your pipes are blocked if your drains seem sluggish and your water doesn’t quickly go down the drain as normal. You may also notice a smell of sewage. Your first line of defense is to try using a plunger, but if it doesn’t work, you may need the help of a professional plumber.

If you do need the help of a professional Pinellas plumber, then call Billy the Sunshine Plumber, or Billy Sunshine as he’s also known. Billy Sunshine has been the trusted Pinellas plumber for almost 100 years. Billy the Sunshine Plumber opened business in 1924. Now he’s also the trusted Pasco plumber, Hernando plumber and Citrus plumber. Billy is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Billy Sunshine is always here for you.

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