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Time to Conserve Water | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

April is Water Conservation Month. You can take part by checking for and fixing leaks, installing high efficiency toilets and faucets, and participating in other local water conservation programs.

It’s Water Conservation Month – appropriate for April, during which Earth Day is also celebrated. The Southwest Water Management District, which oversees water bodies in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus, among other counties, is offering tips to help home and business owners save water and lower their water bills:


  • Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.
  • Use the shortest clothes washing cycle for lightly soiled loads; normal and permanent-press wash cycles use more water.
  • Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator or microwave, not under running water.
  • Scrape, don’t rinse, your dishes before loading in the dishwasher.
  • Install high-efficiency showerheads, faucets and toilets.


  • Check your home’s irrigation system for leaks.
  • Turn off your irrigation system and only water as needed.
  • Don’t leave sprinklers unattended. Use a kitchen timer to remind yourself to turn sprinklers off.
  • Use a hose with a shut-off nozzle when washing the car.
  • Consider installing a rain barrel with a drip irrigation system for watering your landscaping. Rainwater is free and better for your plants because it doesn’t contain hard minerals. (Want to know how? Check out this posting from the city of St. Petersburg.)

Leaks are the biggest water waster, both inside and outside of your home,” SWIFRMUD says. “You can use your water meter to check for leaks. Turn off all faucets and water-using appliances and make sure no one uses water during the testing period. Wait for the hot water heater and ice cube makers to refill and for regeneration of water softeners. Go to your water meter and record the current reading. Wait 30 minutes. (Remember, no water should be used during this period.)  Read the meter again. If the reading has changed, you have a leak.”

If you have a leak – or you want help installing high-efficiency faucets, toilets, or showerheads – it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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