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Toilet Clogs | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

If you can’t get rid of that toilet clog by yourself, or if it keeps happening, call the drain-cleaning experts at Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

You spent your free time during the past couple of days getting ready for Hurricane Dorian. With luck, it looks as if Tampa Bay will be spared the worst of the storm. But, now that you’ve got your grocery and other shopping done, you’ve decided to have some fun and spend the day at the GeckoFest.

You’re hoping that, while you’re at the GeckoFest, your toilet issue will have resolved itself. Recently, when you flush, it tends to fill up the bowl rather than clear it. The water eventually goes down but it happens repeatedly. You’ve tried using a plunger, but that doesn’t seem to take care of the issue for very long.

You’d like to make one last try at fixing the problem before calling a Tampa Bay area plumber for help, but you’re not sure what to do.

You could try using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. explains how: Get a regular sized box of baking soda, up to a gallon of vinegar, and a garbage bag. Dip out the solids into the garbage bag so you can dispose of them later. You also need to get a bucket or something else to scoop the toilet water out of the toilet bowl and into a sink or tub or somewhere it can drain.

Yes, it’s a nasty job and lots of people would much rather call the drain-cleaning pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

But, if you’ve emptied the toilet and you’re still game, it’s time to dump the contents of the box of baking soda in the toilet. Then comes the vinegar – but be careful and go slow. explains, “Slowly begin to pour¬†vinegar into the toilet bowl. It will create a foaming action as it comes into contact with the baking soda. You don’t want to dump it all in as you will have a frothy mess erupting from your toilet. Instead, slowly add up to a gallon of vinegar and get the action started but under control.”

Leave it for awhile, then flush. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it probably is time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber. You might have something big stuck in the toilet or a clog farther down in the system.

Billy the Sunshine Plumber has been the trusted plumber of choice in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties since 1924. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is available 24/7365 – nights, weekends, and holidays (yes, even on Labor Day). Billy is always here for you.

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