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Toilet Paper Only | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

No matter how careful you are, clogs can happen. When they do, it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

Stuck at home and you’re running low on toilet paper? Unable to get any because the stores are temporarily out after hoarders cleared out the shelves? You’re not alone if you’re finding you have to use substitutes – anything from facial tissues to sanitary wipes to baby wipes to disposable hand towels and wet wipes.

They’ll all work.

That is, they’ll all work to clean things up. But they do NOT work when it comes to disposing of them by flushing them down the toilet. Nope, they form clogs in your sewer system or in the city or county sewer system. It’s becoming such a problem that governments are beginning to send out warnings telling people NOT to flush non-toilet paper items. Not even the ones that the package says are “flushable.”

“Toilet paper is a hot commodity right now,” the city of Clearwater says on its Facebook page. “If you’re forced to use personal wipes or other paper products to do your business, don’t flush them! Wipes and paper towels don’t break down in the sewer system. They cause clogs, perhaps even dirty, stinky backups into homes​ and city sewers. Throw them away instead.”

Clearwater has a link to a YouTube video called Do Flushable Wipes Actually Dissolve? Take a look at it – it’ll give you a break from the cute kitten and puppy postings on Facebook. It demonstrates the “flushability” of non-toilet paper items. In short, rather than getting a clean flush, you end up with a mess.

If you’ve already flushed some wipes or other items down your toilet and you don’t have a problem, that’s good. But don’t tempt fate. Next time, toss instead of flush.

If however, you do get a clog – and they’re going to happen no matter how careful you are – and you can’t clear it by yourself, it’s time to find an expert to help you get things flowing again. It’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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