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What's That Sizzling Noise? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Water heaters can make funny noises. Not all are cause for alarm.

You were getting ready to go to the Sponge Docks this morning for a short stroll when you heard a funny hissing or sizzling noise. You finally tracked it down to your water heater. You’re not sure whether to be worried.

Water heaters can make funny noises. Not all are a cause for concern or call for replacement of your water heater. Among the noises you might hear coming from your water heater, according to bobvila.com:

  • “Popping sounds can indicate a buildup of mineral deposits and sediment. …
  • “Hammering or knocking noises can indicate that pipes aren’t securely anchored. …
  • “Screeching sounds can signal restricted water flow. …
  • A leak in the water heater can cause a sizzling sound.

“Even though some issues that make a water heater noisy don’t involve complex repairs, not every homeowner is comfortable working with a water heater. Some parts of hot water heaters are very hot to the touch and can burn skin. A professional can observe and handle different parts of the water heater carefully, with particular attention to the connections to plumbing, gas lines, and electricity,” bobvila.com says. “Having an awareness of a water heater’s normal sounds is a start. If something changes and new conditions—like puddling water—develop, a professional can make the best call to address them safely.”

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