Why Is My Toilet Gurgling? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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Why Is My Toilet Gurgling? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help you if tree roots clog your plumbing system.

You were getting dressed this morning to take Baily for a romp at the Rotary Centennial Dog Park when you heard it – a gurgling sound coming from your toilet. It’s not the first time you’ve heard it and you’re wondering what it could mean. You’re sure it’s not good news.

You’re likely right about that. But, it could be worse. A gurgling sound in your toilet could be an early warning sign that your sewer pipes are becoming (or are already) clogged by tree roots. It’s always better to catch these things early.

“When your sewer pipes first start to clog, you may notice a gurgling sound in the toilet. You may have slow drains you clear out again and again, but the clog keeps coming back,” ahs.com says. “You may notice that the toilet gurgle and slow drains occur in conjunction with water backing up in the bathtub or around your washing machine. These are all warning signs that there could be a ‘root meets pipe’ conflict going on underground.”

Your next step should be to call a plumbing expert, like the sewer line specialists at Billy the Sunshine Plumber to inspect your sewer lines to find out if there is a problem and how severe it is. Once the extent of the problem is established – is the pipe just clogged with roots or is there also damage to the pipe? – a solution can be worked out.

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