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Will This Flush? | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

When you have a toilet clog because you’ve flushed something that you shouldn’t have flushed, call the toilet clog-clearing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

You were planning on spending the day at the Appreciate Pasco Festival until you had to spend the morning figuring out how to unclog your toilet. You finally got it unclogged but it was a struggle.

You think that the clog was caused by cleansing wipes. You’re not sure why because the label said they were “flushable.”

Adult wipes and baby wipes are a big problem when it comes to plumbing. But no matter what the label says, they are not “flushable” if by “flushable” you mean – won’t clog sewer systems. As mnn.com says, “They are not toilet paper. Baby wipes are thicker, sturdier, and do not break down easily, resulting in clogged systems. The same goes for wipes marketed towards adults. Even ones labeled ‘flushable’ are better off in the trash instead of down the toilet. Just because it’s flushable doesn’t mean you have to.”

How does a homeowner know if something labeled “flushable” is truly flushable or will just clog up the system?

Mnn.com takes this tip from “the city of Tacoma’s environmental services page: Take two bowls of water and put toilet paper in one, and place the test item (Kleenex, wipes, etc.) in the other. Swish both items in the water and then wait an hour before swishing again. The toilet paper should have significantly disintegrated by then, while the other will likely have remained somewhat whole. Unless the item disintegrates at the rate of toilet paper, it should be placed in the garbage rather than flushed.”

If, however, in spite of everything, you get a clog and need plumbing help, call the clog-clearing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber. Billy Sunshine has been in business for almost 100 years – he was founded in 1924 – and that’s a lot of clogged toilets he’s repaired in that time. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is available 24/7/365 in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties. He never closes. So give Billy a ring and have fun glowing in the park tonight.

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