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Backed Up | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

When your plumbing backs up, you need help fast from the plumbing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

This morning’s rain was not a welcome sight because you were planning on going to the Clearwater Jazz Holiday today. And while organizers were planning to carry on rain or shine, you weren’t looking forward to getting sopping wet. When the rain slacked off, you thought you’d been granted a reprieve and were getting ready to go. That’s when you noticed icky stuff backing up in your drains.

Sounds as if you have a sewer backup. The Insurance Information Institute notes that, nationally, the number of backed up sewers is increasing at a rate of about 3 percent annually. Sewer backups can be caused by several things – among them heavy rains. That happened, the III says, if there’s a clog farther down the line or if your sewer and storm water lines are combined.

The bad part is that sewer backups can cause “thousands of dollars in damage to floors, electrical systems, walls, furniture and other belongings,” according to the III. If you’re lucky, the problem is caused by a flaw or other issue with the city or county’s sewer system. If you’re not, and the problem is in a lateral line – one that runs from your home to where it hooks into the city system – then the costs of repair and maintenance are yours.

If you have a backup, your best bet is to call a plumber, like the plumbing experts at Billy the Sunshine Plumber to have them find out what caused the backup and where it started. You should also, the III says, arrange for prompt cleanup of your property. That should include

  • Wet-vacuuming or removal of spillage
  • Mopping floors and wiping walls with soap and disinfectant
  • Flushing out and disinfecting plumbing fixtures
  • Steam cleaning or removing wet carpets or drapes
  • Repairing or removing damaged wallboard or wall covering
  • Cleanup of ductwork

Billy the Sunshine Plumber has the trusted, reliable plumbing experts in the Tampa Bay area. Billy the Sunshine Plumber has been the plumber of choice in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties since 1924 when he opened for business. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is available to help you 24/7/365. Nights, weekends, holidays. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is always here to help you.

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