Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Service Overview

Having running hot water in your home is not only a luxury but a comfort we have all grown accustomed to over the years. Without hot water in your home or business it can be very inconvenient to our day to day lives. So when a problem occurs with your hot water heater you can trust Billy the Sunshine Plumber 24/7 to repair, maintain or replace your heater so you can get your busy life back on track. We Install tank less, electric and gas heaters. Whether it’s Commercial or residential Billy Sunshine is there with knowledge & experience to get the job done right.

You don’t have to suffer through cold and uncomfortable showers. Make showering and bathing more relaxing with water heater repairs and installations from our plumbing company. For new installations, we carry well-known brands like Rheem™, A.O. Smith™, State™ and Bradford White™.


There is a potential problem with draining down a water heater for  long periods of time: Rust! Draining the water stops the action of the anode (a rust deterring component of your water heater)  and exposes the steel to the water vapor left in the closed tank.  This can cause increased rust and may decrease the life of the tank. Therefore, we suggest you simply turn off the water; NOT drain the water heater.

A tankless water heater uses a heat source (electric or gas) to warm up cool water on-demand whenever you need it rather than storing hot water in a tank.

A traditional water heater stores and preheats 30-50 gallons of water in a tank. That preheated water is used whenever someone showers, does the laundry or washes dishes. The tank then refills to be reheated once again.

  • Lower initial cost – A traditional water heater installation can be half as much as a tankless water heater.
  • Easy and inexpensive to replace

  • Higher utility bill – Regardless of your water needs, traditional water heaters heat and reheat water at a pre-set temperature. This increases your utility bill… especially during the winter winter months.
  • Larger and harder to place – Traditional water heaters take up more space, and can’t be placed outside.
  • Can run out of hot water – Just about everybody has experienced this. And, it’s literally a chilling experience! Of course, this problem can be avoided by purchasing a larger tank (but that means more in energy costs, as well.)
  • Shorter life – The life span of a traditional water heater is about 10-15 years. Compared to a tankless water heater that needs replacement every 20-30 years. 

  • Saves money in the long run – Though it’s initial cost is higher than a traditional water heater, they savings on your electric bill could make it worth the investment. According to Energy.gov, “For homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water daily, tankless water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters.”
  • Tankless Water Heaters don’t take up much space – They are small and can be installed in a variety of places, even outside on a wall.
  • Longer product lifespan – Tankless Water heaters have a life span of 20+ years, almost double that of a traditional water heater.
  • Delivers hot water on demand – Provides two to three gallons of hot water per minute on demand. No more cold showers!

  • Higher initial cost 
  • May need to be retrofitted, adding to upfront cost – Depending on your situation, replacing a traditional water heater with a tankless system could be complicated, increasing the installation cost even further.