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Deep Rooted | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Roots invading your drain pipes can cause clogs and backups. They can also eventually make it necessary for you to replace the pipes.

You got back from a boat ride to Anclote Key this morning to find you had a clogged toilet. While that was frustrating, it wasn’t really surprising because all your drains have been slow recently. You’ve begun to suspect you have a big problem in your drainage pipes. You suspect roots might be growing in the pipes because you have a lot of trees around your home.

You might be right. As says, “Roots thrive in the moist, nutrient-rich environment inside the pipes, and can enter through hairline cracks or incompletely sealed joints. Once roots have grown large enough they block the pipes and create drainage problems.”

If roots take hold and block the pipes, they can cause them to break and cause you to have to replace pipes. As homeguides says, it’s better to keep them out or to get rid of them before they get too big.

“A training manual for root control specialists published by the Washington State Department of Agriculture identifies root control methods that fall into four categories: cultural, physical, mechanical and chemical. The cultural method is the simplest, because it involves simply placing the drain lines in a location in which roots are unlikely to grow. It’s too late for this method once the lines are in and the problem has arisen, however.”

That leaves you with physical, mechanical or chemical control.

“Once roots have begun to find their way through the gaps and openings in ill-fitting pipes, you can physically remedy the situation by replacing or lining the pipes, or removing the tree. Replacing the pipes may be the best option if the pipes are old and in danger of collapsing, but you can use one of two methods to line them if they are sound,” homeguides says.

Once roots are in the drain, you can have an expert cut them out, which will remove them but not prevent their growing back. So, cutting or scraping them out usually is used in partnership with a prevention method.

Homeguides says that some chemicals used to kill the roots can also kill the plant and can be environmentally hazardous. Homeguides adds, “Filling the pipes with a foam consisting of metam-sodium and dichlobenil may be more effective. The foam sticks to the roots and walls of the pipe, and kills roots within hours, although it may take a year for them to decompose and wash away.”

What’s the best thing for you to do? Call an expert, like the plumbing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber. They can take a look at what’s happening in your drainage pipes and help you decide what the best solution is for your home.

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