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Don't Flush These | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Don’t believe the package – sanitary and disinfectant wipes are NOT flushable. If you get a clog, Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help.

You know the drill. You’re getting dressed, or cleaning things up. Your mind is elsewhere – perhaps on your plans to go to the Citrus County Fair. You wipe the counter, then your hands and – because it’s so convenient – you turn to the toilet, drop in the wipe and…..STOP!

Don’t flush. Back up and put that sanitary or disinfectant wipe in the trash. Not the toilet. Yes, the packaging says it’s flushable, but it really isn’t. Wipes are causing havoc in plumbing systems across the world.

“Even before the pandemic, Americans were already flushing far too many wipes into the sewer system. After a year of staying at home, the pipe-clogging problem has gotten worse,” a story at points out. “Sewer backups are up 50 percent, and [it’s been attributed] to the flushing of wipes, which don’t break down in water like toilet paper. … With consumers cleaning everything from counters to doorknobs in hopes of thwarting the coronavirus, sanitary wipes are more popular than ever. In the 12 months through late January, their sales surged 75 percent … But the blockages they create when flushed — dubbed fatbergs  — have become a costly headache.”

Fatbergs aren’t costly only for governments. They can also be irritating and costly for homeowners when they block plumbing systems in homes and businesses. Remember, the wipe has to get past your home plumbing in order to get to the city or county water system.

The solution is simple – do not flush sanitary or disinfectant wipes. Put them in the trash instead.

Of course, sometimes people ignore those precautions and clogs can form from wipes or other reasons. If that happens, and you can’t get rid of the clog by yourself, you need a reliable plumber to help. You can find a trusted plumber at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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