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Water Conservation | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Plumbing leaks waste water and money. Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help you conserve water by finding and repairing those leaks.

Last Monday was World Water Day, a time set aside to discuss the importance of water. As part of that, the Southwest Water Management District, also called SWIFTMUD, posted a graphic on its Facebook page with four tips for conserving water: turnoff the faucet while brushing your teeth; take shorter showers; fix leaks in faucets, showerheads, and toilets; and only wash full loads.

The agency, which oversees water issues in 16 counties including Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus, has more tips on its website.

Among those tips are directions for finding out if you have a hidden leak in your home:

  • Turn off all faucets and water-using appliances and make sure no one uses water during the testing period. Remember to wait for the hot water heater and ice cube makers to refill and for regeneration of water softeners.
  • Go to your water meter and record the current reading. Wait 30 minutes. (Remember: no water should be used during this period.)
  • Read the meter again. If the reading has changed, you have a leak.
  • If you have a well, listen for the pump to kick on and off while the water is not in use. If it does, you have a leak.
  • If you cannot find the leak using these tips, you should consult a plumber.

If you do have a leak – or if you can’t find it – and you need a trusted Tampa Bay plumber, look no further than Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

Billy the Sunshine Plumber has been the go-to company for plumbing repairs, maintenance and upgrades since opening almost 100 years ago in 1924. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is the trusted plumber of choice in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties where he is available 24/7/365. Days, nights, weekends, holidays, anytime – Billy the Sunshine Plumber is always here for you.

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