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Healthy Plumbing Saves Water | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has declared a water shortage in Pinellas County.

To combat the shortage, the agency is limiting watering to one day a week beginning Dec. 1. The restriction applies to all consumers.

SWIFTMUD has also released water saving tips. Some tips apply to ways to save water in the bathroom:

  1. Flush less — remember the toilet is not an ashtray or wastebasket.
  2. While brushing teeth, shaving, etc., turn off the water.
  3. When cold water will do, avoid using hot water.
  4. Take shorter showers — 5 minutes or less.
  5. In the shower, wet yourself down, turn the water off, lather up, then turn the water on to rinse off soap.
  6. Use less water for bathing — close the drain first and fill tub only one-third full. That initial burst of cold water will be warmed by the hot water as the tub fills.

Tracking down possible leaks can save you water and money.

SWIFTMUD notes a toilet leak could waste as much as 200 gallons per day.

Adhering to water restrictions and implementing water-saving measures are steps toward a sustainable and responsible approach to water usage. Let’s work together to preserve this invaluable resource for generations to come. If you’re not sure whether you have a leak in your toilet or elsewhere, you need Billy the Sunshine Plumber to check for leaks and repair them.

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