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Plumbing Clogs From Fuzzy Dogs | Billy Sunshine

Cats and dogs look so cute when they are curled up to sleep.

But it can be hard to appreciate their adorableness when they’ve done a number on your plumbing. Many pet owners think the problem arises when you give Buster or Sadie a bath. But in reality, according to, the problem is daily and stems from the impact of pet hair on the drainage from your washing machine. If you share your home with a furry friend, you know the struggle of dealing with pet hair is real! Not just for you, but for your washing machine, too.

Pet hair from bedding, clothing, or a pet bed can be hard for you and your washing machine

The mix of water and pet hair results in clumps that stick to fabrics and the sides of the washer drum, clogging drain pumps. Those clumps can block your drainage system causing plumbing backups. Here are the top 3 suggestions to prevent plumbing clogs from your furbabies:

  1. Grooming Matters. The first line of defense against pet hair shedding is regular grooming. Brushing your pet’s coat not only helps reduce shedding but also promotes a healthy coat and skin.
  2. Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture Covers. When selecting furniture with removable coverings for washing, opt for pet-friendly fabrics that resist pet hair and are easy to clean. Leather and microfiber are excellent choices, as they are less likely to trap pet hair and can be wiped clean before thrown in the washing machine.
  3. Use Pet Hair Resistant Pet Beds. Invest in a pet bed that resists pet hair and is easy to launder. Covers and sheets made from tightly woven materials can help prevent hair from embedding itself, making it easier to shake or brush off before washing.

Of course, sometimes you simply can’t do enough to keep the pet hair controlled and you’re going to get a clog. Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help.

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