Help! My Plumbing Has Turned Black Friday into Brown Friday

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Help! My Plumbing Has Turned Black Friday into Brown Friday

Forget about Back Friday, You’ve got a Brown Friday Plumbing Catastrophe!

You’d been having a great Thanksgiving holiday. You’ve had lots of family and friends over for shopping, the Bluegrass Festival, and lots of food and drink. Things were going great until your plumbing system backed up and your toilet and sinks filled with brown water. You’re not sure where to begin to clear the blockage.

It may surprise you to hear that you’re not alone. So many people call for plumbing help the day after Thanksgiving that plumbers call it “brown Friday.” It is the busiest day of the year for plumbers, according to

The plumbing problem generally begins before Thanksgiving, says. Perhaps the plumbing system was already partly clogged. Then Thanksgiving rolls around and your house fills with extra traffic that taxes your plumbing system. Not only that, but the fats and oils in many traditional Thanksgiving dishes end up in the kitchen sink. They melt with the heat, go down the pipes and re-solidify as they cool. This forms a waxy buildup that blocks the pipes.

You can try to avoid a brown Friday by watching what you put down your garbage disposal. No fats and greases. No bones. No potato peels. No celery or pumpkin, or other fibrous vegetables, corn husks, eggshells, or even onion skins.

As for the bathroom, patch,com suggests a 10-minute pause between guests, ensuring slow drains can fully function. Ask that guests only flush toilet paper, not wet wipes, feminine products, or baby wipes, even when they say it’s okay on the packaging. 

As careful as you are, sometimes clogs happen. If they do, then it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help. It’s a happy end to a cautionary Thanksgiving day tale.

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