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Hot Water Heater Stays Hot | Billy Sunshine

Hot Water Heater Prep this Winter

The holidays are here and so are the out of state visitors. Of course, you’re playing tourist and taking them to see all the local sites from the St. Pete Pier to Sand Key Park. You are amazed and not at all envious about their stories of how they prepare to survive the icy cold winter. But one such tale caused your ears to perk up – how they prep their plumbing for the bad weather. Your friend was specifically discussing his hot water heater. Even though we don’t experience the same cold weather they do, the tips, you thought, could be as useful in Florida as in the frozen north.

Winter Water Heater Tips that Florida can Borrow from the Chilly North explains the details: “Take the necessary steps to prepare your hot water heater tank for winter to ensure it functions efficiently when you need it most. Winter water heater maintenance can help ward off potential issues caused by cold temperatures. Maintaining your hot water heater involves a simple process.” Yahoo’s suggested checklist has four items.

  1. The first thing you should do is check for leaks. That’s a good way to save energy, water and money. So, if you find no moisture after inspecting the joints, connections, and pipes, then you likely have no leaks.
  2. If your temperature setting is higher than 120 degrees, you might want to lower it for the winter. But don’t go lower than that or you risk bacteria going in the tank.
  3. You should open the drain valve and let out a few gallons of water to drain sediment from the tank. This can improve water pressure. And, it can also extend the water heater’s lifespan and improve its efficiency.
  4. You should open the pressure relief, or bleed the valve. Because, if you don’t get hot water or if leaks after, you may have a problem.

You might want to insulate the hot water tank if you live in an area of Tampa Bay that freezes overnight. If it threatens to freeze overnight, you should insulate cold water pipes. You also should consider insulating outdoor hot water heaters.

If you are totally confused about the best way to treat a hot water heater during the winter, then it is time to call on Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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