My Shower Is Leaking.

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My Shower Is Leaking.

You first noticed the puddle in your bathroom yesterday.

The first time you saw the bathroom had not dried was after you returned from St. Petersburg’s Trail Fun Run. The bathroom was still wet when you dressed and returned from the St. Pete Boat Parade last night. Sure enough, it was still there this morning.

This could indicated at leak in your shower.

So, you decide to call for a plumber. And when you do, you should start with the location of your problem. In this case, you report, the problem seems to be a shower leak. The type of leak depends on the location of the wet spot according to “Is there a leak at the shower head? Or, is water continuously leaking from the tub spout? Furthermore, are you noticing water on the floor after you shower? Or is water constantly on the floor even if no one has showered in that bathroom recently?”

The types of leaks that could be the culprit.

  • One type of shower leak could be found in a failing or faulty shower cartridge.
  • Or, perhaps it’s caused by the shower valve itself.
  • Another type of shower leak could happen under or behind the wall.
  • A shower head that leaks only when the water is on indicates you have a problem with the shower head itself.
  • If water remains on the floor, you could have a leak in your shower pan, the wall, or an issue with the sealant.

Whatever the leak, a plumber could perform a diagnostic to determine the location of the leak. The repairs range from a copper pipe repair, resealing the shower stall, repairing the drain, to replacing the shower pan/liner, or just a simple fix that is easy on your wallet.

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