I Dropped My Ring Down the Drain! | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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I Dropped My Ring Down the Drain! | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Don’t panic. It may not be lost forever.

You had just gotten back from visiting the new St. Pete Pier. You went into the kitchen to wash your hands and, when you took off your wedding ring, it slipped out of your fingers and went down the drain.

You’re not the only one that’s happened to. Lots of things from rings to coins to small toys fall down drains all the time. Just because it disappeared from view or from reach, doesn’t mean you’ve lost the ring forever.

Angie’s List suggests these steps for trying to retrieve your ring:

Turn off the water. 

“This is always the first step, even if you can see the item at the bottom of the drain,” Angie’s List says. “You can either use the shut-off valve under the sink or turn off your main water supply. Either way, make sure that there’s no chance of a flood while you’re taking apart your sink drain. While it’s tempting to ignore this step and get right to retrieval, you could end up with costly water damage and the need for a professional plumber if things go awry. Always turn off the water.”

If you can see the ring at the bottom of the drain, start by taking off the drain plug. Then get under the sink and unscrew the nut that’s attached to the plug.

“Make sure to look at how it all fits together before you take it apart,” Angie’s List advices. “Once you have the drain plug and plunger separated from the arm, go back to the sink bowl and pull it out.”

Then use a magnetic or grasping tool to retrieve your ring.

If you can’t see the ring, it could be caught in the P-trap, that U-shaped pipe under the sink. Most P-traps have a plug that you should remove. But, before you do that, put a bucket underneath it to catch any water that’s inside.

“Hopefully, the item you’re looking for will come out with the water. But most drain plug holes are very small, so you’ll need to take apart the trap completely. To do this, find the two slip nuts on either side of the pipe’s bend and loosen both, and the P-trap should come off. Dump out any remaining water, and your item should fall out as well. Finally, replace the P-trap, its drain plug and the plug assembly for your sink. Turn on the water and test for leaks,” Angie’s List says.

If your P-trap does not have the slip nuts, it will have to be cut. That’s a job for a professional plumber. You should also call a pro, like the trusted plumbers at Billy the Sunshine Plumber, if you feel uncomfortable taking apart any of your sink’s drainage system or if you have a hard time getting it all back together. 

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