It's Hurricane Season, Protect Your Plumbing | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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It's Hurricane Season, Protect Your Plumbing | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Whether you’re preparing to ride out the storm or evacuate, don’t forget to prepare your plumbing for a hurricane.

With all that’s going on in the world, it might have been easy to forget that Tampa Bay is in the middle of hurricane season. That changed this week as the tropics became active: Hurricane Hanna hit Texas; Tropical Storm Gonzalo was churning in the Windward Islands; and Invest 92 is in the Atlantic. Invest 92 could become TS and eventually Hurricane Isaias. Though it’s too early to tell, forecasters say it could hit Florida.

That’s the cue for people to check – or make – your plans whether you intend to ride out the storm or to evacuate. Either way, you need to prepare your home. And, when you’re preparing your home, don’t forget to make sure your plumbing is protected. 

Among the steps you should take to prepare your plumbing: Make sure your sump pump (if you have one) is working and is cleared out. Clear your drains and gutters of debris. If you evacuate, turn off the main water valve to help prevent flood water from contaminating your water supply. If you stay, periodically check your plumbing during the storm.

And, after the storm, check your plumbing to make sure you don’t have clogs, a flood, or other damage. Look for leaks, cracks and/or discolored water.

If you have a problem before or after the storm, be sure to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help. 

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