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Make Flushing Simple | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Want to avoid toilet clogs? Then flush only toilet paper and human waste only. Nothing else.

It’s been a hard three or four months. Now that things are opening up again, you just want to go out and do something. But you want to remain safe so you decided to go fishing this morning at the Anclote Gulf Fishing Pier. Even though you didn’t catch anything, you had a relaxing time until you got home and your toilet backed up when you flushed it.

Now you’re having to give the bathroom a deep cleaning.

If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one who has had toilet problems recently. Having more people at home for longer times has put a strain on the plumbing systems in many homes. Added to that are the flushing of non-flushable things like hand wipes and disinfecting cleaning wipes. Yes, the labels say they are “flushable” but that only means they disappear from the toilet bowl. Once they get into the sewer system they can clog your pipes or even city pipes.

Our sewer systems were designed to only transport toilet paper, water and human waste. Which means only toilet paper, water and human waste can be safely flushed down the toilet, says. “Items marketed as ‘flushable’ are regularly found in clogged pipes and broken pumps throughout the sanitary sewer system. Don’t flush them.” explains, “Cotton swabs, those little things to clean your outer ear, were made to stay intact. Which means they don’t disintegrate and can lead to blockages. Dental floss is made of nylon or Teflon, and although it looks like a little piece of string, it’s mighty strong and wraps around all kinds of other stuff, creating monster clogs. And so-called ‘flushable’ wipes? They just don’t break down the way toilet paper does and can be huge headaches for homeowners and pump stations.”

So the lesson is – make it easy on your plumbing system and make it easy on yourself to help avoid clogs by flushing human waste and toilet paper only.

If, however, you do get a clog or other toilet malfunction you can’t fix yourself, then call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help. 

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